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to start a new journey filled with all of the info, tools and tips you need to take your photography to the next level? Then look no further! Join me , Carol Ann Neil as I take you on an interactive learning experience with behind the scenes footage, studio lighting simplified,post processing tutorials, effective marketing strategies and lots more! Rewatch all of the materials over and over again! Receive detailed critique on your work to help you improve should you wish, join our members only facebook group for Q&A sessions, group learning, monthly competitions and more!


Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to lighting your studio portraits? Let me simplify it for you and show you how to achieve stunning imagery with creative studio and natural light


Choosing the perfect outfits, props and accessories can be overwhelming! Join me on my ‘propshops’ and let me show you where I find my inspiration. How I pair colours and textures to create eye catching images that stand out!


Watch and learn my full editing  workflow in Photoshop. I will guide you through the entire process from gentle retouching to full painterly style finishes. Edit your portraits how you want them to be!

Sign up for just £19 per month!



Learning is the key to success!


Lets face it, marketing can be stressful and overwhelming! Let me guide you through a simple and effective marketing plan using my easy to follow ‘web of success’ strategy.  Restructure your business blue print, target the right clients and achieve consistency in all aspects of your marketing! Its time to make your business work for you, not against you!!

What if I don’t want to stay?

That’s OK!! If for some reason you sign up and afterwards decide that FOCUS isn’t for you, just cancel your subscription. There is no time limit on how long you have to stay a member. Before you go though, why not send us a message to discuss your reasons for leaving, perhaps there is something additional we can help you with!

How often is new content added?

New content will be added to FOCUS on a weekly basis. New video content, downloads and tasks set in the members only facebook group are included. Marketing will work on a monthly basis, with each segment of the ‘web of success’ strategy expanded and discussed in detail

Can I record videos?

No. The video content on the FOCUS learning platform is not for downloading or sharing with others who are non members. You are able to download designated material to keep for your own personal use. However, for as long as you are a member you will have unlimited access to all of the content

Are downloads mine to keep?

Off course! New textures and actions will be added regularly for you to download as well as marketing material

Does my membership automatically renew?

Yes. Your monthly payment will continue automatically unless you cancel your subscription. If you decide you no longer wish to be a part of FOCUS, cancelling your membership is super simple. If you have any problems please contact carolannneilfocus@outlook.com


Can I have feedback on my work?

Yes absolutely! You will have the option to submit 3 or 10 digital images for review. This service is provided by several professional photographers, including Carol Ann. Detailed feedback is a great way to improve your work. The fee for image review is £25 for 3 images or £50 for 10 images.

Can I share my work in the Facebook group?

Yes!! we would absolutely love to see your photographs shared in the group! Weekly and monthly tasks will be set out, designed to help you understand, discuss with your peers and ultimately improve in all aspects of your business. This will include marketing strategies, lighting challenges, themes, competitions etc…

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