Email Marketing – 5 Helpful Tips To Get You Started (2023)

email marketing works

Email Marketing - 5 Helpful Tips To Get You Started

If you haven’t included newsletters in your marketing campaign already, then it is a good idea to consider doing so. It is no secret that email marketing campaigns can deliver a remarkable return on investment and have a range of many other value-adding benefits. However, the only way an email campaign can be successful, is if it is engaging and reaching an audience that understands and appreciates this form of communication.

Newsletters are one of the best digital marketing tools used by companies that allow them to interact with their audience in a more personalised way. It is a tool where businesses can share valuable information with a network of customers, subscribers, or prospects. It gives you direct access to their inboxes and is one of the best ways to get your content seen in the digital world.

But why is email marketing so important?

1.They are easy to measure

Just like all emails, newsletters are very easy to measure the success. If you are using an email communication platform, you will easily be able to access information, such as open rates, click rates and often even see what part of the email your audience is engaging with the most. This means you can track your progress in increasing that audience and making more meaningful connections, by looking at how you can improve the messaging.

2. They allow you to personalise your content for each audience member

Another great reason to use newsletters is that it allows you to send personalised information to your audience. The more relevant information you can offer your audience, the more you will be able to build trust and they will be able to see you as a source of information on topics they find interesting or pertinent to them.

Using email platforms can allow you to segregate your audience into different groups. You can then tailor different versions of your newsletter to send out to each of these groups. Doing so will increase engagement and will lead to more sales down the line.

3. To increase your brand awareness

As mentioned above, having a newsletter can make you seem more trustworthy to your audience. It can show that you know what you are talking about. However, it can also attract more customers who are unaware of what you do. A newsletter paired with blogs can be a great way to capture a larger audience by enticing someone to your website to gain information on something that relates to your business. For example, you could write a blog and then put a call to action at the end of the newsletter. As they have been attracted by that information, they might also be interested in hearing more from you. This could then lead them to be a customer of yours down the line.

4. You are getting regular content out to potential customers

Sending out weekly or monthly newsletters means that all of your audience will be reminded of your company regularly. Due to this, you will stay at the forefront of their minds more often. You will then find that you have more regular customers coming back that have been prompted by your newsletter to get in touch or make a purchase.

5. It can lead to limitless growth

As there are no limits on how many people can join your mailing list, you could be increasing your audience on a very large scale with no more effort on your part. Getting people to sign up for your newsletter is often the more challenging part, however, once they are, you will have a form of regular marketing that can only increase with time.

email marketing works

How to grow your newsletter audience

Every time you add someone to your newsletter list, you get a new opportunity to convert someone into a paying customer. Developing a strategy to gain subscribers is super important if you want a successful newsletter campaign.

Offer something in return

One of the easiest ways to gain subscribers is by offering gated content such as eBooks or articles to entice users to enter their email addresses to download something. In turn they will be signing up for the newsletter.

Eye-catching CTA

Another way to entice people to sign up for your newsletter is to use an eye-catching call to action in various places around your website and on any social media profiles you have. Use images and action language to entice people to click. Putting these at the end of useful blogs can also be a great way to show that you are an informative professional in your industry and that signing up for their newsletter will be beneficial to them.

Use checkout

If you provide a service or product that customers can buy online, then add a section to your checkout process where people can either allow or not allow you to add them to your newsletter. Often people who buy products from you already will be interested in the type of information you are sending out.

Offer a freebie at events

If you attend industry events, then one way to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter is by giving out freebies in exchange for their email addresses.

Use social media content

Utilise your social media platforms to reach more people and gain subscribers. You may even want to do paid social media adverts. This kind of advertisement is relatively cheap and gets some great engagement rates. Promote the benefits of your newsletter and show that you provide useful and engaging content that your followers will be interested in.

What programs are available to help create newsletters?


Mailchimp is an email communication platform that allows its users to create intuitive and eye-catching emails, including newsletters. It has an easy drag-and-drop functionality, with plenty of widgets to choose from.

Mailchimp also allows you to send out content by segment. This means you can group subscribers based on products they have bought in the past, their age, gender and much more. You can then create a more personalised message for these groups and this will keep your audience more engaged and less likely to unsubscribe.


HubSpot is a fully featured email marketing tool which can be used by any company of all sizes. Their software helps businesses create beautifully designed newsletters with similar functionality to Mailchimp of a drag-and-drop motion. This means that it is very easy to create engaging newsletters quickly.

What makes Hubspot so great is that if you sign up for the email marketing tool, you will also be able to access their other free products, including a CRM, form builder, live chat, ads management and many more.


AWeber is another email newsletter software that is quick and easy to use. The builder allows you to add in some intuitive features, such as image carousels, a feedback function and more. AWeber is great for beginners who are just getting used to the email marketing world. On AWeber, there are advanced reporting tools, that allow you to track how your emails are doing and see the areas that you might need to be improved. This will help you ensure that your newsletters are not only professional looking, but successful amongst your audience too.


Moosend is another great platform to create newsletters on. The price depends on how many email subscribers you have, which is great whilst you are just starting out, as you can assess if the newsletters are going to bring value to your company before paying more.

Moosend also has other great valuable features, such as a CRM system, personalisation tools, landing page builder, advanced analytics, automation, and segmentation functions.

Like Mailchimp and HubSpot, Moosend has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature, to help you create the structure of your newsletter.

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