How to get more photography clients – and keep them!

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How to get more photography clients - and keep them!

Right now, learning how to get more photography clients – and keep them, is imperative to the growth or even the survival of your business.

For the past 10 years, as a photographer and educator, along the way I’ve made mistakes, learned lessons and everything in between! So below, I’ve shared my top tips to help you gain more photography clients, and keep them!

“People remember kindess and generosity, and they pay you back with loyalty”

Sloane Barbour

Identify your ideal client

You can spend all the money in the world on adverts to reach people. But if you don’t know your ideal client, you’ll be flushing your well earned money down the drain!! The best way to start this process is to look at the clients you already have. Identify their habits, age, location, likes,  hobbies etc. Once you’ve done this, take a closer look to the more specific qualities they have. Do they use Facebook or are they Instagram lovers? Are they using Google to search for suppliers or do they feel more comfortable using services through word of mouth? If you know more about your current client base, you’re more likely to appeal to others with similar habits.

Use Incentives

So you’ve gained a new client, amazing! Post shoot, keep the lines of communication wide open. Let them know you’re readily available for any other life events that they have coming up. Shot an engagement shoot? Give them 10% off their wedding portraits or add in a free print to the quote. Got a client interested in a Maternity Shoot? Tell them if they book both a Maternity and Newborn Shoot, they’ll receive a discount! Same for a family shoot. Suggest to them that recreating an image further down the line would be a fun way to show how the family is growing up! Offer them an incentive that’s right for you! 

How to get more photography clients client referrals

Consider Referrals

Your clients obviously love the work you do, so try to make the most of it! Offer them a referral link or code to share with their friends, family, baby group etc! For example, if one of your existing clients recommends you to a friend who then books a shoot, the existing client who referred you could get a discount off their next session. The new client could then receive some free prints, offer whatever works best for you! If you can afford to go bigger, you could start a points system. An existing client gets 1 point for each new client they bring to you, and when they reach a certain number of points, they receive a free mini session! It’s understandable if you’re hesitant to offer discounts, but it’s a really helpful way to gain and keep clients!

Utilise Social Media

After identifying your ideal client and knowing where they can be found, use that knowledge to your advantage! A couple of tips for my top 3 platforms – 


Join local groups that you can advertise your services in. Use your page (not personal account) to comment on relevant topics on the home page. Encourage people to review your services! Make sure your business page is up to date, with opening times, website information and the services you provide. Utilise the pin-to-page tool and use an eye-catching and informative post to grab attention!


Use Instagram as a second portfolio – make your images scroll stopping worthy! Engage with existing clients on their posts. Make sure your bio is search friendly & is a good roundup of what you do. Use your stories to let your following get to know you better, show BTS, snippets of editing etc. Create seamless carousel posts (compared to static image they have a higher engagement rate). Use specific and relevant hashtags, you can use hashtag generator tools to help if you’re stuck! 


Connect and verify your website to your account. Create clear categories in your pins and boards. Link each created pin to your website and add in hashtags you feel are relevant to your business. Make sure your header, bio and profile description are all kept up to date. Re-pin other creators content you think your ideal clients would benefit from.

How to get more photography clients and keep them, social media tips

Be Personable!

After all, you are providing a service! Your work and the final product you create is only half the job. Making sure your communications to your client are totally professional, helpful and valuable makes a big difference. Going the extra mile with your clients is imperative! Providing light refreshments in your studio, popping over a well presented price list or information pack, emailing the night before with a ‘looking forward to meeting you’ message. It just starts the session off on a lovely note and your clients will always remember kindness and attention to detail! 

Marketing your business and nurturing your current clients can be difficult on top of running a business, shooting sessions and editing your creations so I hope that these quick tips on how to get more photography clients can help you a little! Don’t be afraid to add your own tips you think might help other photographers below!

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  1. This has been really helpful. As it cut across all economies. Im from Africa cameroon. And in my small local community area cliemt arent verse with social media. But some of the point you listed will help me manage my existing client and get new ones despite our social conditions. Thanks.

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