Colour Grading Vivid Collection Photoshop Actions


Colour Grading VIVID Collection Photoshop Actions

Colour Grading VIVID Collection Photoshop Actions

*Please Read Before Purchase*

These actions are designed to assist you in achieving beautiful colour tones to suit the mood of your portraits and inject vibrancy and detail into every image. They will work well with both outdoor portraiture and studio portraiture taken against darker backgrounds 

To begin, select a foundation from the SKIN TONES actions, ranging from cool porcelain to warm golden. Each action is completely customisable so that you can easily make your own adjustments if required

From there, choose from either a WARM or COOL base to subtly or dramatically change the overall colour tones of your image. As above, each action is designed to give you full control over the finished intensity/effect 

A working knowledge of photoshop layer masks  is essential to make the most of this set

These actions are compatible with photoshop CC (Mac & PC)

Some of the actions in this set require the Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) Filter to work. Please check your version of photoshop is compatible before purchase

Included in the colour grading VIVID collection set :

~ 7 Natural Skin Tones from cool porcelain to warm gold

~ 10 warm bases 

~ 10 cool bases + luminance boost

~ 4 Vignettes (light & dark)

All sales are FINAL – No refunds or exchanges will be given

**These photoshop brushes are NOT available for purchase to those who teach photography, create and sell actions, overlays, editing tutorials etc…. By making this purchase you agree with these terms**


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