FOCUS Sharpening & Social Media Resize Action Set


FOCUS Sharpening & Social Media Resize Action Set

FOCUS Sharpening & Social Media Resize Action Set

*Please Read Before Purchase*

These actions are designed to sharpen your image when focus isn’t as sharp as you would like or when you want to make details like your subjects eyes really stand out

The action set includes 3 levels of sharpness

~ ‘Just a little bit’

~ ‘A little bit more’

~ ‘As sharp as can be’

and each one offers varying amounts of sharpening, depending on how much your image requires or how sharp you would like your image to be 

Also included in this action set is a PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE resizing action for sharing your images on social media and the web. If you struggle to get your images looking sharp and in focus when you share to facebook, instagram etc… then you will LOVE this action, with a simple click of a button you will have social media ready images!  


These actions are compatible with photoshop CC (Mac & PC)

All sales are FINAL – No refunds or exchanges will be given

**These photoshop actions are NOT available for purchase to those who teach photography, create and sell actions, overlays, editing tutorials etc….  These actions are for personal use only. Any reproduction, sharing or selling is strictly prohibited

By making this purchase you agree with these terms**


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